About Us

PutTag is an online service that helps you and your friends tag by text, audio or video any place on the map.


Our vision is to enable users to use their social contacts and their current location to discover or describe what is happening around them. The experience should be easy, social and fun.


PutTag will be offering several mobile and web applications that allow users to easily tag places, add their audio/video comments and share those comments with friends. PutTag has already developed its core functionality that is used on its website and it can be used as a standalone product.


  1. Enable users tag places by an audio/video comment with two taps!
  2. Enable users to share their experiences on facebook with friends.
  3. Users will be able to discover new places from their friends.


This Project has been incubated in FasterCapital.

Ross Adelson

Ross Adelson

Founder at PutTag, Advisor at FasterCapital. Holds Master's Degree from Cass Business School.
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Yazan Tabal

Yazan Tabal

Mentor at PutTag, Advisor at FasterCapital. Holds Bachelor's Degree from Ain Shams University.
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