Our product PutTag is a smart phone application enabling users to tag places with text/audio/video comment and allow their facebook friends to comment on their tags.

PutTag can be accessed on web or mobile (as smartphone app). On mobile or web the user will be presented with a map reflecting his/her own location. Users can then check comments/tags on nearby locations from friends or the public. Users can also add their own tags. Tags can be added as text, audio or video recording directly from their cellphones or browsers. The tag can be public (viewable by everybody) or private (viewable only by friends).

You can login using your facebook account or register online at PutTag. Registering by facebook will enable you to share your tags with your friends and discover their tags as well.

PutTag already supports android and iOS smartphones.

If you have a phone that supports HTML5 then you can use PutTag from your browser.